DiaryBook Appointments and Messaging System

Spring 2024 Release

Changes made to DiaryBook Desktop version 8

In this Spring 2024 update of DiaryBook there have been many enhancements made to the Desktop software for appointment management. Some you will notice straight away. I recommend you read this to find out what's new and improved.

Available Time Searching

When making an appointment for a user, and the date and duration are entered, you can now search that date for an available time. The search icon is next to the date field in the appointment screen.


When filtering your appointment list you can now choose multiples of each filter: users, appointment types, resources, confirmation and attendance statuses. This gives greater control in selecting what appointments to include in your list.

Resource Permissions

There is now the ability to control which users can book a resource. While this feature is active it is not controllable from the Desktop version. Please contact us for more details.

Print view

The print view has been altered in a couple of ways. First, the button is now a drop down menu with (currently) 2 choices. The first choice, or report, reproduces the print view as before but with extra header information.

The second report is a variation of the first that includes more information about the client.

Auto Refresh

For scenarios where a user needs the appointments list to automatically refresh on a shorter timeframe, a new option exists under the Appointments Menu.

Appointment Screen

As well as the new Time Search button, you will notice that the fields of the appointment screen have been slightly rearranged. The duration is now beside the appointment type field and the time is beside the date field.

The repeat appointment drop down also has more frequency options added.

Double-booking Box

This box has been removed. When adding an appointment, if the appointment overlaps with another appointment or can't be added for some reason, DiaryBook will prompt you with the information. If it's possible the prompt will include another Save Appointment button which will proceed with the double-booking.

Blocked Times

The process of adding and editing blocked times has been improved. It is easier to add blocked times for selected users.

Work Hours

Opening Hours are now referred to as Work Hours.

Long Term Support

Desktop version of DiaryBook is 12 years old. The company has invested in buying outright the rights to certain technologies that ran the user interface which secures our ability to provide continued support and maintenance in to the future.