DiaryBook Appointments and Messaging System

Press F5 for Version #7.3.9

Press F5 for Version #7.3.9

DiaryBook #7.3.9 has just been released and some users are not seeing their appointments list properly. Please press F5 to refresh the screen and it should return to normal.

Unable To Attend (UTA)
"Unable To Attend" is a new appointment status for those who need to differentiate between a client who is cancelling their treatments (discharging) and a client who is cancelling a single appointment slot to be rescheduled.

DiaryBook will use UTA instead of CANCELLED when a client does a negative feedback (using text reply, email link or voice keypad input).

Appointment Statistics Report
There is now a detailed statistics report that can give a summary of all appointments in a given date range with totals by department.