DiaryBook Appointments and Messaging System

DiaryBook Desktop Release Notes v7.4.707

Notes on the latest update to DiaryBook Desktop v7.4.707

DiaryBook 7.4.707

SMS Text Delivery Reports. The ability to receive SMS delivery reports by email. This feature is activated at the user level.

Optimizations: Improved methods of data retrieval for appointments, schedules and reminder settings.

Bug fix: Firefox was not rendering the some icons.

Bug fix: Blocked times in the calendar were not showing on all affected days.

Bug fix: Firefox was not rendering the some icons.

Bug fix: Client's details were not saving in some circumstances.

Bug fix: Detecting duplicate clients was not working in some circumstances.

Feature: New appointment status added - 'Contacted'

Audit: Added logging of client deletions to account audit log.

Optimizations: Very large text messages using extended character set are first put through a conversion to standard text and if that fails are blocked.

Feature: Added ExcelSend feature to DiaryBook. This enables you to send text messages using a list of contacts in a spreadsheet. This feature needs to be enabled in advanced settings or by emailing DiaryBook