ExcelSend Messaging

ExcelSend Add In For SMS

Send and Receive SMS Texts
From Your Excel Spreadsheet

No need for file uploads or sharing data in the cloud - send and receive SMS text messages straight to your spreadsheet!

ExcelSend works seamlessly with Excel giving you and your users the power to easily communicate with and get feedback from your users.

Works Seamlessly with Excel
No need for new software, unsecure uploads to the cloud or looking for the information you need. ExcelSend works from within Microsoft Excel and all messages are sent and received directly from your spreadsheet.
Preview Every Message
Clearly see each message, it's size, cost and destination before sending. ExcelSend guides you through the steps from composing to sending.
Detailed Delivery Data
With ExcelSend's feedback fields, details of what message was sent to each mobile number is clearly recorded, along with its delivery status and time of sending. All inline with your spreadsheet data.
Receive Replies
Replies from your clients mobile phones are received directly in to your spreadsheet in line with the original message sent keeping all your sent and received information on one sheet.
Automatic Opt Outs
The ExcelSend service automatically manages opt-out requests from your clients, preventing any future messages from being sent to them
More about SMS optouts...
Alphanumeric Sender Ids
If you don't want replies, and your country's mobile network supports it, send your messages with a branded Sender Id instead of a reply number.