DiaryBook Appointments and Messaging System

DiaryBook Update #7.3.8

DiaryBook Update #7.3.8

This latest update (7.3.8) has added a couple of minor but useful features.

When adding or editing a user you can specify if that user is a Service Provider. Only users that are Service Providers can have appointments made against their name.

This means when making an appointment you will only see Service Providers in the list and not a list of all the users including admin staff. It is a way of tidying the list.

Users who are not service providers can continue to make appointments for other service providers.

In addition Blocked Out Times can now be accessed by users that do not have administrator privileges to manage their own times only.

Please email support@diarybook.com if you have any queries about this release.


We don't write information on every DiaryBook update as many of them are quite small and have little or no affect on your work. However, update 7.3.4 is worth mentioning as it introduced another minor but useful feature. You can now specify how client names are displayed in the list of appointments [firstname, lastname] or [lastname, firstname].

You have to dig deep to find this option. Open your user profile, scroll the tabs at the top of the window to the right until you see the Advanced User Settings. Click on that and find the ClientFirstLast setting.