DiaryBook Appointments and Messaging System

DiaryBook Version 7.3

DiaryBook Version 7.3

7.3 is the latest version of DiaryBook that was released today.

This version introduces some great new features as well as some changes to the rules to improve both the efficiency and usability of the service.

Book Multiple Resources

Each appointment can now attach to multiple resources thereby blocking those resources from being booked by another user. Resources can include anything but usually are rooms and equipment.

When making an appointment the resources drop-down will show your usual list but now you can make multiple selections by ticking the ones you need.

In your appointments list the RESOURCE column is now RESOURCES and will list resources used for each appointment.

Appointments List

As well as the column change mentioned above there is a new column - End. This shows the end time of each appointment. It is the appointment time + the appointment duration.

Time Increments

When making an appointment the Time field is a drop-down list of time slots. By default these are in 5 minute increments. This can be customized for each user to be any increment such as 10, 15 20, 30 and 60 minutes.

To change your increment

  • Click the pencil icon next to the times on the appointment window
  • In the Time Increment menu select the new time increment
  • Click Save

Double-Booking Rules

Double-booking will no longer work in all circumstances. A user and/or resources can still be double-booked but only if the user making the new appointment is the same user that created the existing appointment(s) too.

Minor changes

  • END column shows end-time of appointment
  • Status bar in appointment windows shows who created the appointment and when
  • The compose window clears down after each Send
  • Some logo and colour changes

Please email support@diarybook.com if you have any queries about this release.