DiaryBook Appointments and Messaging System

DiaryBook Desktop Release Notes v7.6.016

Notes on the latest update to DiaryBook Desktop v7.6.016

Release 7.6.016

In this release we've removed old features that are no longer relevant, re-arranged options to match the new video tutorials and made adjustments to some screens.

The most noticeable change for some users will be the Did Not Attend item in the Appointments Menu. This has been moved from the Confirmation Status to the Attendance Status menu areas.

The reason for the change is to clarify that Confirmation Status is the prediction of whether a client will attend the appointment or if the appointment has been cancelled.

The Attendance Status is the actual record of the client's attendance. It can also used to mark when a client is in a waiting room or active in the appointment.

  • The Account Code now appears on the bottom-right of the screen
  • New clients now must have at least a first or last name
  • Client screen now shows 2 pie charts separating out attendance from confirmations
  • Some fields on the User edit dialog box have been removed
  • The "instructional reminder" option has been removed as we now use a more advanced scheduling framework
  • The Resource Screen has a new button to add optional Available Times to resources
  • The delete button has been removed from the Appointments screen. Delete can still be found in the Appointments Menu
  • Removing the ability to add Recall appointments from the Appointments screen
  • Removed "Hisorical DNA" as a confirmation status