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Appointment Reminders Are Automated

DiaryBook uses the appointment calendar of each user to automatically remind clients exactly at the right time. This reduces missed appointments, reduces phone calls received and best of all optimises your time and revenue.

Client Confirmation

Acknowledging an appointment reminder reduces the chance of forgetting it and boosts your diary's performance.

Turn negative confirmations in to a positive way of seeing potential gaps in the diary and using them to reduce waiting times

Possible empty slot at 09:30
Empty slot at 11:00
Time Client
08:30 Liam Madigan
09:00 Manaal Arkins
09:30 John Prechard
10:00 Mohammad Almasri
10:30 Michael Findle
10:30 Alisa Puckowska
11:00 Kay Bramwel

Personalise and Customise Your Reminders

Use of merge fields enables you to completely customise your reminder to give as much or as little information as necessary

Have custom reminders per department or user, or even down to the type of appointment

compose sms reminder

Pinpoint Accuracy

Not just when but where!

Guide your clients to exactly where they need to be: town, building, floor, room. Multiple locations per account.


We strive to make DiaryBook as accessible to as many people as possible. Sometimes a telephone call is simply the best way to communicate

Advanced merging techniques enables you to customize the text-to-speech script to suit your requirements

yellow telephone
postman delivery appointment letter

Letter Generation

Using .docx templates allow DiaryBook to automatically generate appointment letters

Letter generator creates PDFs and emails them to you or your service provider

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