DiaryBook Appointments and Messaging System

DiaryBook Desktop Release Notes v7.6.005

Notes on the latest update to DiaryBook Desktop v7.6.005

Release 7.6.005

portal.diarybook.com is a new DiaryBook portal designed for mobile and tablet users. Full client and appointment management abilities with some added features

  • A universal search bar at the top lets you easily find clients and appointments
  • Search results for clients show their last and next appointment times
  • Each appointment has an activity log to see a history of changes

Some changes in how to access DiaryBook

  • When a new user is added they are emailed a link to validate their profile
  • New users set their own passwords using the link before accessing DiaryBook
  • Mobile phone users are redirected to the mobile-friendly DiaryBook portal

The compose screen no longer has email and fax options