DiaryBook Appointments and Messaging System

DiaryBook Version #7.4.0

DiaryBook Version #7.4.0

DiaryBook 7.4 - DiaryBook has a voice

Version 7.4 of DiaryBook has just been released with one major enhancement (automatic voice reminders) and some very useful minor enhancements.


Automatic Voice Reminders

As well as being able to remind your clients of their appointments by email and SMS text, you can now get DiaryBook to automatically call your client's landline and speak the appointment details to them.


As with text reminders, you can pick the number of days before the appointment the reminder should occur. Another similarity is the ability (optional) of the client to feedback and confirm their attendance (by pressing 1 on their keypad) or signal that they are unable to attend (pressing 3 on their keypad).


The reminder itself has two parts to it. The first part is a recording of your own voice saying the who, where and how of the appointment. The second part is text-to-speech where DiaryBook's voice speaks the actual appointment details such as the day, date and time.


You can make as many recordings as necessary to accommodate different scenarios such as appointment types, locations and users.


You can also be more vague in situations like home visits where the time of the visit is not as predictable.


Appointments List

The appointments list now shows a pencil icon in each row. Clicking on the icon opens the appointment window to edit. This is a shortcut to highlighting the appointment and clicking the pencil icon in the toolbar. It is also a way to accommodate further icons for future enhancements.


The appointment row will show a green, yellow or red background to each row depending on feedback from the client on confirmation or cancellation of an appointment to make it easier to view.


When viewing appointments for a particular date in the future the default date in the New Appointment window will synchronise.


Any blocked times will also show in the appointment list and will display properly in the calendar views.


Using Multiple Accounts

Previously users who had profiles on more than one DiaryBook account had to have separate email addresses and passwords to sign in.


Now users can have the same sign-in credentials and use the Switch feature to jump from one DiaryBook account to another. Please note that the DiaryBook accounts are still separate and that this feature is a shortcut for moving between them.