Opt Out Management

End users who do not want to receive your messages must be able to opt out. DiaryBook manages this for you using a Stop List. Any message you try to send to a number that's on the stop list is automatically blocked.

DiaryBook manages opting out automatically.


If the message you send can be replied to* and if the end user replies with STOP then their number will be added to your stop list.

*Some countries allow an alphanumeric sender id which prevents the end user from replying to the message.

Opt Out Instruction

When sending a message you can choose to add an Opt Out Instruction. This is part of the message and shows the end user an opt-out link that they can click to opt out. When an end user does this their number is added to your stop list.

The opt out instruction is added to the end of your message and this increases the length of your message by 17 characters. This may cause the message to require more parts to be sent and therefore cost more. more about parts...

Your Stop List

So what is a Stop List? This is a list of mobile numbers connected to your DiaryBook account that have requested to be opted-out of any future text messages from you.

How does it work? Every time you send a text message to a list of numbers, the list is sanitized against your Stop List. Any message that is intended to go to a mobile number on the Stop List is blocked.

The operation is automatic and aids in keeping you compliant with many data protection laws for your peace of mind.