SMS Reminder Integration Services


DiaryBook provides integration services for organizations who want to leverage the power of the DiaryBook platform without using it as the primary appointment scheduler.

The company provides a service that enables primary appointment data to be synced with the DiaryBook platform in a meaningful and highly customized way so that the advanced messaging features of DiaryBook can be fully leveraged.

The Sync Process

Reading external appointment data is marshalled through highly customized layers of settings and features.

Text Reminder Basics

The minimum data required for a text appointment reminder is

Using this with a basic text template a text reminder can be sent:

^^ surrounds the merge field

The text reminder is encapsulated in a Reminder Setting that provides more operational instructions.

When processing appointments data from an external source DiaryBook provides further abstraction of customization

This provides the ability for customization on the text of the reminder and how and when it is delivered from organization level down to clinic, user, location and procedure type levels.

Reminders with no replies

Saving the appointment data on DiaryBook is not necessary for 1-way messaging. The reminders can be composed on-site and sent through the DiaryBook platform.

Reminders with replies

To process replies DiaryBook requires a copy of the appointment data. Replies are stored with the associated appointment. Replies can be forwarded.

DBSS Mechanics

The DiaryBook Synchronization Service can be run in 1 of 2 locations.

  • On customer premises running as a Windows service
  • On DiaryBook infrastructure accessing daily SFTP appointment uploads

The company provides free customization on its DBSS software that can accommodate your appointment data.