Automatic appointment reminders
for your iPMS software

Integrated Patient Management System software

Automatic Appointment Reminders

DiaryBook Synchronization Service (DBSS) automatically reads basic appointment data from Integrated Patient Management System instances allowing DiaryBook to send timely reminders to your clients.

With DBSS you get the best of both worlds
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Clinic Level Messaging
Create customized message reminder templates based on the clinic code, appointment location, user or schedule stage - all achievable on DiaryBook's advanced messaging platform.
Customized Scheduling
Whether you want a single text reminder 2 days in advance or multiple texts at different stages all can be easily set up throught the DiaryBook portal.
Multi Account Installations
DBSS seamlessly syncs appointment data from different clinics and/or instances of iPMS and processes them per your pre-approved rules.
On Prem or Remote
DBSS can operate On Prem as a Windows service or remotely behind a secure SFTP endpoint taking flat-file uploads.

Know Who's Coming
And Who's Not!

With feedback from your clients you can easily see who were sent reminders, who responded and whether they can make their appointment.

DiaryBook's AI marks appointments based on the text messages of your clients' replies.

Possible empty slot at 09:30
Empty slot at 11:00
Time Client
08:30 Liam Madigan
09:00 Manaal Arkins
09:30 John Prechard
10:00 Mohammad Almasri
10:30 Michael Findle
10:30 Alisa Puckowska
11:00 Kay Bramwel
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* Did Not Attend - a cool way of saying missed appointments

DBSS Software Library

DBSS for iPMS, the Integrated Patient Management Software

DBSS for Orthotrac, full digital practice integration

DBSS for OrthoChart, orthodontic practice management sofware

DBSS for NexTec, EHR and practice management Software

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