Automated Reminders and Client Feedback

Sending appointment reminders by email and SMS text can reduce missed appointments by up to 30% but with DiaryBook you get much more. Clients can send feedback about their ability to attend the appointment giving you the full picture.

Status at a glance

Know at a Glance

You can easily see which clients were sent reminders, who responded, whether they can make their appointment and what appointments require rescheduling.

Client Feedback

Your clients automatically receive email and/or SMS text messages. The information they provide from within the email or from their text reply feeds back directly to your diary.

The sooner the feedback the more time you have to reschedule any bad appointments. DiaryBook can send multiple reminders designed to promote client feedback.

Feedback from reminders
Log of all communications

Log of all Communication

View all communications sent and received for a specific appointment, day or client.

Have peace of mind knowing messages have been delivered with delivery reports from the mobile network.

Keyword Monitoring

Because your clients have a large variety of ways of using text messaging, you can teach DiaryBook how to interpret their messages and how to flag their appointments.

Reply Keywords