Free Plan
No payment needed
Single user. Store up to 100 contacts. Send up to 10 free SMS reminders and unlimited free email reminders per month. Fully functional DiaryBook account. You do not need a credit card to sign up.
Is it really free?
Yes, it is but there are some limitations. See below.
Can I send extra SMS reminders?
Yes, you can but they're not free. Extra reminders cost 8p + VAT.
Can I have more users or clients?
Yes, you can but you need to upgrade. You can pick the subscription that suits you best. See the table below.
Subscription Levels Free Plan Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Yearly Subscription incl. tax free £ 50 €£ 150 €£ 260 €£ 580 Number of Users 2 5 10 50 250 Number of Contacts 100 500 5,000 20,000 100,000 Free reminders per month - SMS 10 20 50 100 250 PAYMENT OPTIONS Pre-pay tilde tilde tilde tilde tilde Monthly by Credit Card - tilde tilde tilde tilde Paypal